Alice Springs Family Medical Centre (ASFMC) was opened in September 2006, developed by Dr Deb Mitchell and Susie Leister. Together they worked tirelessly to create the thriving functional clinic that exists today.

ASFMC had over 4,500 active patients and we strive to provide quality healthcare for our patients at all times. Our doctor Dr Deb Mitchell & practice nurse Susie are proactive in ensuring that ‘at risk’ patients are reminded to have regular follow-up appointments and we keep our general patient population informed via our regular newsletters.

ASFMC was certified by Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL). This accreditation assures you of the highest standard of medical care. Alice Specialised Medicine (ASM) has carried over that certification with the usual 3 year renewal happening in the end of 2016.

ASM is also a member of the Travel Medicine Alliance, a non-profit association of Independent Travel Medicine practitioners. Owned and run by doctors, it was formed to assist member clinics to provide a better service to travellers. They do this by sharing knowledge (through resource programs, clinic based training, phone support and annual meetings) as well as offering group purchasing power. This allows us to keep the costs of vaccines, medical kits and other essentials down.

When you come to ASM you will receive the best possible care and follow-up. Dr Deb Mitchell will fully discuss any treatment required and address questions or concerns, while respecting your privacy.

ASM will provide you with a caring and supportive environment where the health of your family is our primary concern. We strive to deliver health services that exceed the standards set by the industry.

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